Sunday, March 2

Nuns And Sunflowers

Nuns And Sunflowers
(My tribute to Fellini.)
A long afternoon spent
in a field of ripe sunflowers
my faded picnic blanket a magic carpet.
The ultraviolet rays sing a warm lullaby
my hands stop worrying
at the worn threads of my mind.
Goldenrod heads gently nodding above me
to and fro in blissful agreement
nature doing Fellini proud; (or is it just me?)
As the day settles into the heat
the visions fade but before the spell is broken
I see myself surrounded by nun’s in old habits
collecting seeds and planting more sunflowers
and I am not alone.
My last thought of course
like a hummingbird’s sweet kiss
always settles on you.

© Rebekka Sanchez 2014


  1. I feel nun's silent and stable love to nature and people in this poem. Sunflowers and hummingbird's tweeting may be her inner passion.
    I think it is very good one.

    1. Thanks so much! I don't know if you've ever seen any of Fellini's movies but they have nuns in them and were very artsy.


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