Friday, September 27



I like you cause you're funny 
intelligent and kind.
Good looking and hardworking 
so distinctive, so refined. 

I like you cause you're honest 
irreplaceable and rare. 
An exceptional type of person 
the one who always cares. 

I like you cause you're different 
it’s part of your mystique.
You are just one of those people
so refreshingly unique.

© Rebekka Sanchez 2013


  1. Nice one! At the risk of sounding a bit hokey... this would work really well on a friendship card. It's better than anything I've read from Hallmark lately. LOL! From a poetic mechanics perspective, your rhyme is on point and your meter flows. Really well done. ;)

    1. Not at all, people have said this about a lot of my poems before. On my About Author here I wrote; " My roommate jokes I should of worked for a greeting card company." It's true and I don't mind.
      Thanks for reading and glad you approve! :^)


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