Thursday, September 12

Train Tracks

Rockwell, Norman boy-in-a-dining-car-1947

Train Tracks

A 9 year old boy in shorts
Traveling alone on the train
His parent’s waiting for him
At the Clarksville Station
He’s seated and takes a menu
From the respectful black waiter.

The train rocks to and fro
As the boy makes choices
Carefully picking out
Deserts and other items
That his parent’s warned him not to buy.

The respectful black waiter
Stands neat and groomed
Ready to serve, but
Respectfully waiting
For the boy to finish his food.

The boy is very wasteful as the
Respectful black waiter
Waits until the boy leaves the Dinning Car
To carefully pack up the unfinished food
To feed his family of 6
When he gets off his feet after a long shift.


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