Saturday, September 7

The System Renews Itself


The System Renews Itself

spontaneous demonstrations in the streets worldwide
the Internet closed and countries divided
the stock market crashed decades ago
banks emptied for the good of all citizens
get your fresh air masks here-only 4 days of food
only the citizens have lives and the rest are workers
the DEAD will promptly comply and turn themselves in
if you are caught not nurtured you will be DEAD
turn in any citizens under 30 they are not legal
comply to the new world order and the system renews itself.

all news is published by federal agencies managed by top citizens
DEAD is a term for any citizen that doesn't comply
those marked DEAD will be assigned to work camps
to work until death for the betterment of the citizens
digital devices and cell phones are illegal, you will comply
sex with another citizen is banned due to population control
any citizens hoarding food or medical supplies will be DEAD
voicing free opinion is considered a DEAD offense
comply to the new world order and the system renews itself.

remain where you are there is nothing to be afraid of
this is just a scan to identify you citizen!
the demonstrations will be over in 5 clicks
they will run out of air before succumbing to the gas
even now as they struggle for air they are sick
medicine is only for workers who can work
and influential citizens with clout
don't move until you are ordered to move
comply to the new World Order or be marked DEAD
whether you are working for us or making room for us
you will comply.


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