Saturday, September 14

Lost Love


Lost Love

Every single cell in me
Can identify what I lack
The only man I ever loved
Now you won’t take me back.

A lover like no other
You turned out to be
My extraordinary man
Who saw something in me.

And now you love her
I don’t know how I lost
Please forgive me my sins
And this line I have crossed.

Now they’re dead where they lay
The crime fits like a glove
But I feel so much better
Goodbye now my love.



  1. I'm curious about the last line... is it that it is not "you" looking back or that he no longer sees "you" as he once did? Or, perhaps that "you" are facing the fact that "you" can no longer have him so "you" do not show him "yourself" anymore? Sorry... maybe it is just too early in the morning for me to be reading this one. LOL!

    1. No you are so right! When I published it I didn't like it. I was trying to catch up and it's not up to my level of work but I published it anyway. I am re-working it (it sucked) so give it another read and let me know if it's improved. I hope you are always this honest! I have posted other poems with mistakes and no one told me then it would of helped! I have never taken a head off yet when someone challenges my writing! Lmao!

    2. Please take another look +Letitia Minnick I am hoping you will comment on the changes and if so, improvement? Thanks heaps!


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