Thursday, July 25

Le Commentaire Poème

Le Commentaire Poème

Commenting on Google+
pouring through streaming content.
There are 1,211 new posts
while Caturday's trending.
Plus me when I say,
"I'm super excited about it!"
Posting interruption-watch this YouTube video,
Best Of Cute Cat Moments,

Keeping afloat of
​a​ mind-boggling overabundance.
Plus me when I say,
"Awesome post!"
"Great Hangout yesterday!"
"Tag me on it please."
"That's batshit crazy!"
”Thank you for sharing!”

Circled and searched​
commentator and commented
from the verified to the newbies
millions of separate souls assembled.
Collected together 24/7 by
a larger than life ​social network​.
In a rush I forgot to plus!

© Rebekka Sanchez 2013

One day while while commenting on g+ I looked around on a post and thought why not assemble some comments and terms used by people on Google Plus and write a poem about it? What do you think?

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