Wednesday, April 23

The Darkness


The Darkness, 4/23/14

Into the darkness I hide
Nobody sits by my side
Nobody lends me a hand
Something I can’t understand.

Living this nightmare is me
A blackness so bleak it can’t be
Hoping that someone will see
Someone to help me break free.

Doing my best to survive
The darkness it eats me alive
When nothing is left I shall die
Only then will I turn a blind eye.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Written for Wednesday’s Weekly Write.

The Kill

14 - 1

The Kill, 4/23/14

Silently the cat
Advances on the fat rat
Pounce-and it’s finished!

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Rouge Nun

This was written for a prompt to do a haiku. A haiku is 3 lines, first line and last line 5 syllables, second 7.

Sunday, April 20

Weathering The Storm


Weathering The Storm, 4/20/14

A pitter patter on the canopy
Hurrying along on a rainy day
The sound changes tempo
Liquid needles stab at exposed skin
Wind buffeting-too lightweight!
The umbrella turns inside out
Shoving my hands deep into my pockets
I stumble home soaked
Making a mental note:
”Time to buy another umbrella!”

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Mag 216

Friday, April 18

Easter Wishes


Easter Wishes, 4/18/14

I have a special wish for you
Dressed in your Easter finest
I hope for you good things to come
And blessings of the kindest.

Before the hunt for Easter eggs
I’ll say this prayer for you
God Bless you on this holiday
May peace and love shine through.

The eggs are hiding in the grass
Your basket’s at your side;
“Oh look! I’ve found an Easter egg!”
I heard you cry with pride.

Our basket’s full-let’s celebrate
With candy, eggs and cheer!
So have a Happy Easter Day
It comes but once a year!

Bekkie Sanchez ©

This picture was taken on Easter 1969 before church-memories. My mom always got us new clothes for church on Easter Day. Glad I have this one! In this photo my mom made us these clothes herself but she also bought us clothes. I loved this dress and yes she made my brother’s jacket and pants! My mom even made me clothes in high school and the girl’s always wanted to borrow them! Good memories here.