Thursday, April 17

Lines And Wrinkles

Lines And Wrinkles, 4/17/14

I found a photograph
Taken in my behalf
It was a moment seized
For which I’m unappeased
Showing off my age
It sent me in a rage!
My eyes to me looked glazed
My wrinkled skin amazed
I hold to this belief
Age causes most my grief

Bekkie Sanchez ©

This was written for a prompt:

Write at least a six line poem. It has to rhyme, and you can only use the following words for the rhymes: behalf, laugh, photograph, enough;
seized, glazed, amazed, unappeased; belief, if, grief; rage, engage, age; sphere, disappear; until, distill.

Tuesday, April 15

Seven Years Of Bad Luck

myphoto (2)

Seven Years Of Bad Luck, 4/15/14

Seven years of bad luck
I broke the mirror
And now I’m stuck
Seven years of misery
A devastating history
If I could make it up I would
But now it’s done
Won’t do no good
I broke the mirror
Although it sucks
It’s seven years of bad luck.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

The Rouge Nun

Monday, April 14



Dewdrops, 4/14/14

Daybreak dawns drenching
Delicate dewdrops dancing daintily
Drinking deeply of dripping delights
Dazzling decadent droplets
Discovered and drunk
Deliciously devouring drought.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Sunday, April 13

Spring Song


Spring Song, 4/13/14

As we settle into Spring
Our thoughts like seedlings
Take root in the warm soil
Our bodies sprout cravings
To awaken and spend time outdoors
With the wild things and new blooms
The Crocus does not lie-
And the lilac bushes smell heavenly
Nature from it's long frozen slumber
Renews in the Spring melt
And rests in peace until the Fall.

Bekkie Sanchez ©