Sunday, October 26

Wool Socks


Wool Socks, 10/26/14

Wool socks-
Seeking rich espresso
our eyes meet
over burnt toast.
Remembering last night
the lingering touches.

Wool socks-
Her closeness
excited him.
She licked
sticky marmalade
from his fingers.

Wool socks-
Is all she wore.
He gathered her up
they sank to the floor.
Their urgent needs
sends breakfast scattering.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

243 Mag

Sunday, October 19

The Unbroken Bond


The Unbroken Bond, 10/19/14

Mother spells unconditional love
Overjoyed she was when I was born
Together we stood against the world
Her smile made everything alright 
Each birthday I visit her grave with flowers 
Rest in peace mom, the memories live on

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Mag 242

Sunday, October 12

Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Mirror Mirror On The Wall, 10/12/14

The mirror reflects all.
The good and the bad. 
Or judge what it sees
and never gets mad.

The mirror is helpful 
for putting on your face     
having kinky sex
only we feel disgraced.

Breaking a mirror
seven years bad luck.
Fractures your view
until you sweep it up.

When we feel good    
emotions run high.
The mirror doesn’t feel it  
it’s seen through our eyes.

Bekkie Sanchez ©
Mag 241

Saturday, October 11

The First Time

14 - 3

The First Time, 10/11/14

The dancer gets ready for the show
her feet encased in pink satin slippers.
She dances ‘cross the room on her toes
and asks for help with her costumes zipper.
Onstage the music plays her cue
she was waiting on stage right.
Ready to dance with all she knew
she walked onstage into the lights.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Listen to the music and read my poem. <3