Saturday, February 28

Weekend Bookings

Weekend Bookings

Have a peaceful weekend
with a book and cup of Joe 
no need for any company
to heal those weekly woes.

Stories undercovers
coffee hot and black
I hid away my cell phone
and then the kids came back.

Rebecca Del Sanchez (c) 2015

Friday, February 27

The Wobegone Man

The Woebegone Man

The woebegone man
just sits and sighs
wringing his hands
avoiding all eyes.

Too numb to feel
escaping instead
too hard to deal
rocks in his head.

A man who says yes
although he means no
and no one would guess
'cause he doesn't know.

Tragically depicted
he's pale as the dead 
chronically addicted
chain smoking dread.

He will never know why
depressed with no plans
no pretty blue skies
for the woebegone man.

Rebecca Del Sanchez © 2015

Monday, February 23

The Facade

The Facade

Walking down the boardwalk at sunset 
in search of saltwater toffee.
I spied a facade I couldn't phantom
and heard a vintage circus anthem.

I walked ahead and saw a face
all hideous and taunting me
a gaping mouth without a voice.
Curious, I made my choice.

The ticket seller's booth was dark
the heavy curtains right inside. 
Goosebumps raised upon my skin
with shaky hands I peered within.

Before my eyes could clearly see
claws and teeth attacking me. 
Everything went black and then
woke up by my cat again!

Bringing this facade, to it's end.

Rebecca Del Sanchez (c) 2015

Monday, February 16

The Secret

The Secret

Hot breath at my ear
brushing back my hair
leaning in to catch the words
mystery in the air!
A nervous giggle here
a pregnant silence there.
Whether it be kept or lost
another secret shared.

Bekkie Sanchez (c) 2015