Monday, September 29

Tennessee Daze


Tennessee Daze, 9/28/14

Shacks built of tin, wood and rusty cans
precariously perched on mountainsides.
In Tennessee moonshine is banned
but it’s the only product they can sell.
Seeds can’t take purchase in solid rock
but backwoods has it’s secrets to tell.
Children by the copper stills they play
father and eldest son cook mash
the boys learn family recipes by day
on dirt roads they deliver by night.
They get top dollar for their brew.
Tennessee Daze is the one for you!!

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Mag 239

Wednesday, September 24

River Of Tears


River Of Tears 9/23/14

She trampled through the backwoods,
alone with her dark thoughts.
Love had passed her by.
Her tears flowed freely.
Each step taken in anguish,
she felt vulnerable and used up,
now she was damaged goods.
Small waves washed over her rubber boots,
she noticed not-crying even harder.
Feeling sorry for herself,
head hung she continued to sob.
She didn’t notice until too late.
She had cried a river of tears,
and being lost, it easily swept her away.
Bekkie Sanchez ©

Mag 238

Tuesday, September 16

Veils Of Life

Veils Of Life, 9/16/14

Throughout our lives,
we wear many veils.
Spider webs of time.
Threads of illusion.
Shadows of regret.
Patterns of lace,
memories of you.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Mag 237

Wednesday, September 10

White Wolf


White Wolf, 9/9/14

Wolf pack in the rolling fog,
Drifting towards me,
invisible under a new moon.
Eyes like piercing hot coals,
the pack moving like smoke.
One white wolf approached,
cautiously sniffing the air.
Laid down and nuzzled my hand,
and in that moment of understanding,
Disappeared with the morning mist.

Bekkie Sanchez ©