Wednesday, September 10

White Wolf


White Wolf, 9/9/14

Wolf pack in the rolling fog,
Drifting towards me,
invisible under a new moon.
Eyes like piercing hot coals,
the pack moving like smoke.
One white wolf approached,
cautiously sniffing the air.
Laid down and nuzzled my hand,
and in that moment of understanding,
Disappeared with the morning mist.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Sunday, September 7

Searching For Luna



Searching For Luna, 9/7/14

The light, the light!
Much brighter than Luna,
drawn to a closer brilliance,
making the moon pale by comparison.
The moths followed this dazzling brightness,
without knowing how or why they are drawn to it,
they moved closer to investigate.
With moth’s flying in circles around and around,
one moth flew too close to the hot bulb,
the lifeless body falls into the darkness below.
More moths have joined them in the false migration.
The porch light was suddenly turned off-the moon was gone!
Without even knowing how or why,
the moths flew off continuing the migration.
Forever searching the sky and following Luna.
The light, the light!

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Mag 236

Saturday, September 6



Silver, 9/6/14

Silver fluctuations,
on a cloudy day.
Some escape,
more are eaten,
thieves in feathers,
Diving, screeching.
Boats gather,
to trade and barter.
Silver passes hand to hand,
on a cloudy day.
Bekkie Sanchez ©

Mag 235

Friday, September 5



Friendship, 9/5/14

Sometimes unappreciated,
friendship can be complicated.
I go to Google Plus to play,
and see my friends most everyday.
Not just a social network, see?
My friends are always there for me.
Feeling low what can I do?
Come online and share with you!

Bekkie Sanchez ©