Monday, December 15

A Kiss

A Kiss

A kiss amongst strangers
A kiss in a crowd
A kiss full of hope
A kiss that says now
A kiss says I love you
A kiss makes you mine
A kiss of such passion
A kiss shared divine
A kiss so urgent
A kiss that can't wait
A kiss in the street
A kiss out of place
A kiss amongst strangers

Bekkie Sanchez (c)

Tuesday, November 18

Can’t Stop


Can’t Stop

Laugh Out Loud is hard to quit
I use it too much I admit.
Of all the words I use each day
Laugh Out Loud is what I say.
Don’t know what to use instead
Laugh Out Loud stuck in my head.
I see it used too much today
I’d like to stop without delay.
There’s many other words to use
but what they are-I’m too confused!
Laugh Out Loud is hard to quit
for now it seems I’m stuck with it.

Bekkie Sanchez © 2014

Monday, November 17

Discovering Myself


Discovering Myself WW# 40

Exploring a basement I found a room
it was covered with carvings that warned of doom.
I heard a stirring behind the locked door
I saw a keyhole and bent to explore.

I looked inside but I couldn’t see
Wait-an eye looking back at me!
Stepping slowly I shrank away
but curiosity made me stay.

I slowly approached to look again
I saw behind the keyhole then
I was really shocked to see
The person in the room was me!

Bekkie Sanchez © 2014

Tuesday, November 11

Stars And Stripes

                                   flag                                                     7501265440_58366432cd_o 

Stars And Stripes, 11/10/14

All wrapped up
in bright red stripes
against a navy sky
with Stars in her eyes.

Unfurling herself
naked to the winds
and oh, what a view
Red, white and blue.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Mag 245