Tuesday, July 29

The Egyptian Way


The Egyptian Way, 7/28/14

Egyptian mummies,
lie in beautifully painted mummy cases,
inlayed with Gold and gemstones,
thousands of years old.
Some sealed forever,
some bodies unwrapped and studied.
Shedding ancient knowledge.
Causes of death and life are revealed,
visualizing every feature and amulet.
Some mummies stand naked in groups,
some are explored sealed within.
Faces, food and belongings of mummies from the past.
teaching us about life during death,
While death teaches us about life.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Mag 230

Thursday, July 24

The Harvest


The Harvest, 7/24/14

A lone figure was watching the scene unfold,
the truck disintegrated sending shrapnel everywhere.
Sparks flew from torn metal-he was dead.
His truck slammed into a woman's car shredding it.
Barely saw it happen too fast to react,
glass breaking the windshield. 
Warm blood leaks and pools,
the smell of gasoline was strong.
Both drivers died right away.
The car was unrecognizable, tangled with the truck.
The airbags were deployed but did no good.
It seemed like forever sirens in the distance,
the ambulance was first but the corner was called.
Firemen and police were busy trying to pick up the pieces. 
Death was chuckling he watched the spirits rise from the wreck,
He swing his sickle wide,
as he gathered up the dead his job done.

Bekkie Sanchez ©

Tuesday, July 22

The Disappearing Girl


The Disappearing Girl, 7/22/14

She spends nights at her open window,
watching the evening spectacle unfold. 
Sparkling crystals and colored planets,  
like jewels scattered across a velvet sky.
Shooting stars crossed over the horizon. 
The crescent moon hung brightly,
as wispy clouds moved through the scene.
Something caught her eye nearby it was disk shaped.
It darted quickly around the sky flashing silver.
Watching it draw close she couldn’t look away.
A blinding shaft of light appeared around her,
the beam lifted her up towards the ship.
As her cat looked on, she was gone.
Bekkie Sanchez ©

Monday, July 21

The General Store


The General Store, 7/21/14

Grapefruit, Oranges and rice.
Yellow apples, frozen ice.
Penny candy, quality meats,
our soda fountain can’t be beat.
New potatoes, Beechnut gum,
toys for children-we have some.
Want a gold fish for a pet?
Shop with us you won’t regret.
Our General Store has everything,
Lot’s of sales on lots of things.
45’s and music sheets,
you know the grocer as he greets.
The General Store is what we had,
and now they’re gone it’s very sad.
The loss of quality it brings, 
the General Store sold everything.
I remember those good old days,
Why did they have to go away?
Now age old memories from the past,
Still live in us-but grow old fast.  

Bekkie Sanchez ©

299 Mag